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The team at Sam J. Halabo, DMD prides themselves on being at the forefront of dentistry advancement.

Whitening & Veneers

“When I first started coming to your office my smile and self-confidence were less than wonderful. You truly work miracles with the magic that you do. Dr. Halabo, you truly are a phenomenal dentist and person.” – Anne

Whitening & Veneers

“My mouth was tragic before and now I get compliments on my beautiful smile. I am no longer insecure about my smile and it was well worth the investment.” – John

Closing Spaces & Veneers

“Thanks Dr. Halabo for the great smile… I knew you and your staff would take care of everything to make my smile great. I smile so much more now!” – Tami

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

“Dr. Halabo’s work reversed 40 years of deterioration and the result made my smile look 40 years younger.” – Tom

Invisalign & Whitening

“As far as I am concerned, Dr. Halabo has saved my teeth. The fact that they look nice also is just icing on the cake! I hope that Dr. Halabo will be my dentist for life.” – Gail

Reconstruction & Implants

“Thanks Dr. Halabo for giving me the ability to eat steak again and the great smile too-my wife loves it.” – Louis

New Smile & Veneers

“Thank you for the great transformation you have done on my teeth. I have developed a great smile and confidence.” – Eldie

Open Bite, New Smile




Closing Spaces & Veneers


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