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Children and teens are always welcome at the office of Sam J. Halabo, DMD. Here, we are proud to provide them with top-quality dental treatments and friendly service. Dr. Halabo and his team consider it essential to provide younger patients with positive dental foundations that can last a lifetime. Starting early will provide your child with the best chance of having strong, healthy teeth when they grow older.

The First Visit

It is advised that parents bring their child in for their first visit between the ages of six months and one year. This initial visit represents the first chance for our experts to get a close look at your child’s early teeth and gums. We will make sure that everything is developing as it should and that no problems are present. Parents should use this first visit as an opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns they have about the oral care they are providing for their child. Our experts also like to use this time to provide parents with important information about teething, cavity prevention, brushing and flossing practices, thumb sucking and more.

Kids’ Complete Checkups

In order to maintain strong oral health, children should visit our practice at least twice per year for a complete dental checkup. These visits allow our experts to keep track of your child’s dental development and to provide timely treatment if it is ever needed. Every child who visits our practice for a complete dental checkup will receive a professional teeth cleaning, an oral cancer screening, digital X-rays (when needed) and fluoride treatment if necessary. These visits are also a good time to check for any signs of cavities or tooth decay, and we also offer parents guidance in ensuring that their child’s teeth are cared for properly.

Preventive Treatments

Preventive treatments are used in order to make children and teens less likely to require extensive dental procedures later in life. By providing these treatments early on, we can give your child the best possible chance of maintaining good oral health when they grow older. Some of the preventive treatments that we offer include dental sealants, fluoride applications and mouth guards for children who play contact sports.


Damaged teeth can be devastating for a child. It can ruin their smile and cause their confidence to suffer. That is why we consider dental restorations for younger patients to be incredibly important. Our team will work hard to restore the look of your child’s damaged teeth so that they can recover both their smile and their confidence. Whether your child comes to us needing a filling, crown, bridgework or veneers, their teeth are in the best possible hands.

Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency can be a scary moment for anyone, especially for a child. An unexpected lost or damaged tooth is very troubling, and receiving help as quickly as possible is very important. Our experts are always ready for these sudden situations, and we take great pride in providing our younger patients with the best emergency treatment available. If your child ever experiences a dental emergency, you can rest easy in knowing that our dedicated and caring staff will be there to help them every step of the way.


Dental sealants consist of an acrylic coating that is painted over a person’s back teeth in order to prevent damage and decay. Children are often the best candidates for dental sealants since their back teeth typically feature deep grooves and fissures that are at high risk of developing cavities. By applying dental sealants, we can help your child’s teeth remain strong and healthy while they continue to learn proper oral care techniques.

Fluoride Applications

Supplemental fluoride applications are one of the best ways to protect teeth. When applied directly to one’s teeth, fluoride strengthens and remineralizes tooth enamel, in a process that can actually reverse the effects of early tooth decay. Our experts strongly recommend fluoride applications for any child who is at high risk of experiencing cavities or other forms of tooth decay.

Dr. Halabo has been named a top dentist for 15 consecutive years! Help your child get on the right track for great oral health by bringing them to Sam J. Halabo, DMD for a dental checkup. You may call us at (619) 427-0810 to schedule an appointment.