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Dr. Halabo and his team understand the importance of a beautiful smile. That is why we are proud to provide our patients with top-quality cosmetic dental treatments that leave smiles noticeably improved and enhanced, while still looking remarkably natural. Whether you come to our practice hoping to brighten your smile, straighten your teeth or eliminate gaps, our experts will help you achieve the look you have always wanted.

With cosmetic dentistry, we can:

  • Repair damaged teeth
  • Adjust tooth size
  • Replace lost teeth
  • Reduce gaps
  • Make color adjustments
  • Correct problems in bite

Our practice offers several modern solutions in cosmetic dentistry that are designed to restore or improve the appearance of one’s teeth. These treatments feature little-to-no pain, and many can be completed in just one visit. Afterwards, the patient will enjoy a more pleasing smile that radiates with strength and well-being.

We offer the following cosmetic dental treatments:

Patients should remember that cosmetic dental treatments are not designed to serve as a substitute for good oral hygiene. The best way to maintain teeth is to brush twice every day, floss daily, and receive a complete dental checkup twice every year. But for patients who want to take extra steps towards improving their smiles, our team is ready to help.

Dr. Halabo has been named a top dentist for 20 consecutive years! If you’re ready to improve the look of your teeth, please call us at (619) 427-0810 to schedule an appointment.