UC San Diego Dental Clinic for Homeless

Dedicated dentists generously volunteered their time, while eager dental students from local colleges provided valuable assistance. Together, they worked tirelessly to address dental problems among the homeless community, extending a compassionate hand to enhance oral health. Dr. Halabo played a crucial role in this collaborative effort, contributing to the cause by donating his cutting-edge dental equipment to fortify the UCSD program. In retrospect, their collective efforts left a lasting impact, ensuring that the community's dental needs were met with care and compassion.

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Supports Local Youth Programs

Dr. Halabo passionately supports local baseball and softball teams, while also championing students' musical hobbies. His unwavering commitment enriches both athletic and artistic pursuits, leaving a positive impact on the community.

We supported a local choir through community outreach by providing financial assistance, resources, and volunteer involvement. Our contributions aimed to enhance cultural enrichment, promote the arts, and offer educational opportunities. Supporting the choir showcased our commitment to nurturing local talent, fostering unity, and enriching our community's cultural landscape.