Dental Implants Using Latest 3D Technology

Dental Implants Using Latest 3D Technology

In the past, when a patient lost a tooth, a replacement could only be made with a removable partial denture or a cemented bridge. Today there is a better alternative known as a dental implant.

Dental implants are made of titanium and are placed directly into the bone where the patient has lost a tooth. Titanium has a property that allows it to integrate with bone and thus provide the patient with a strong new tooth that he or she can use to bite and smile.

Implants can also be used to stabilize loose dentures. Instead of resting on the gums, the denture can be made to connect with two to four implants. This results in greatly improved comfort, ability to eat and digest foods and a higher quality of life for patients.

imagesTechnology plays a key role in the precise placement of dental implants. In our office, we use a special 3D X-ray machine known as a CBCT scanner. This machine takes a three dimensional picture of a persons jaw which allows us to know exactly where to position an implant. This provides our patients excellent results that can last a lifetime!

PreXion 3D is a revolutionary X-ray system that provides sharper images with more information than the traditional dental X-ray unit. It’s the ideal technology for specialists performing implants. Prexion 3D is an open-environment scan taken in a seated position. Scanning time less than 40 seconds and at significantly lower radiation than traditional X-rays (up to 95% less radiation). Computerized technology produces clear and extremely detailed 3-dimensional pictures of the jaws, illustrating the actual makeup of the teeth and jawbone.

The CT Scan has numerous patient benefits, especially when planning for dental implants. The 3D scan aids in evaluating the facial bone, and any abnormalities or pathology that may impact the feasibility of placing dental implants. Accurate location of the nerves, sinuses, and nose helps to prevent involvement when placing the dental implants.

Once this 3D scan has been taken it is used to construct a bio model of the teeth and jaws. With PreXion’s clear and 1:1 scale images, accurate measurements assure that the optimum implant is placed. Our patient treatment is significantly enhanced with this powerful imaging technology and its precise measurement tools.

Dr. Sam Halabo, dentist Chula Vista, CA is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Graduate Dentistry and is well known for his involvement in the continuing dental education of professionals. He is a true believer in practicing what he preaches, sharing his knowledge and giving back to the dental community. He is the former clinical director of the University of California at San Diego homeless clinic. His emphasis is on CAD/CAM dentistry and working in the ideal practice. He is a member of the ADA, AGD, California Dental Association, San Diego County Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has been a clinical research associate evaluator for more than 14 years. Dr. Halabo has published a number of articles for dental professionals as well as his local community. His dental practice is located at: 239 F Street; Chula Vista, CA 91910. He can also be reached at (619) 427-0810, or at smilesbydrsam.com.